The Bartlett Kids

There are tiny little fingers pressed against my cheek, and the palm of the hand that holds all my dreams.


There is a careful little grimace directed right at me, and the expression of innocence that grabs me every time.


There is a pair of big brown eyes that light up in the dark, and the window to a soul that knows only truth.


There are clumsy little legs dancing to a tune, and a chubby little bottom to break their every fall.


There is a babble and some laughter coming from my room, and the sounds of heaven right here in my home.


There is chaos in the kitchen, and toys all down the hall, a reminder to us all that time is so precious.


There are cookie crumbs on the table, and milk spilled on the carpet, but an image of simplicity and joy came with the mess.


There are car keys in the toilet and the unmistakable sense my life is full.


There are two boys and a girl fast asleep, just in the other room, and a parent who's convinced that wonders never cease.


© Jacqueline M. Sinkes